On our way to Fort William! Aye! | Carlyn Westerink | Glasgow, GB

On our way to Fort William! Aye! | Carlyn Westerink | Edinburgh, GB


I stayed in Edinburgh for two days. The first day we saw Edinburgh castle. It was interesting to see all those old objects and buildings from the middle ages. There were also a lot of Asian people who were taking pictures of themselves every two metres. Quite funny, But quite annoying as well. The place was nice, Very historical city with a lot of creepy tombstones. I really liked that! The last day in Edinburgh we explored some new view points of the city! Breathtaking views! When we were back at our hostel we chatted with some cool people who also stayed at the same hostel. We had very interesting conversations about religion, state of the world and about the stereotypes of our countries . We laughed a lot. Hopefully we are going to see each other again.

At this moment we are enjoying our single malt red beer with caramel taste in Glasgow. We also Made Good use of our raincoats even our backpacks have raincoats. Haha.

At 18:25 we’ll go onwards to Fort William per train. Ready to see some wild nature.

Cheers mate!?